A How-To Guide to Swole.me

And dieting in general

1. Figure out what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? This will probably be obvious to you.

2. Use a calorie calculator to estimate how much you should eat. See here about estimating your macronutrient requirements more accurately (I'll work this into the calculator soon).

3. Craft a diet to follow (this is where Swole.me comes in!). Customize the food choices to your liking and then fine tune your plan manually.

4. Either follow the diet exactly or use it as more of a guide. Err in the direction of your goals. Your results will likely reflect your effort.

5. Exercise is important in controlling your weight and health in general. Use this program picker to find a good workout plan.

6. Stick with these programs until you can manage your diet and exercise without them. Given some time, controlling your physical health will become second nature.

Things that make dieting easier

These are affiliate links btw
Food scale
A food scale makes it super easy to track your intake. Avoid suspition by getting a scale that's only accurate to the gram; accurate enough to weigh food, but not enough to sell drugs. The one on the right fits the bill.
Measuring bowls
Do you often wonder how much cereal you ate for breakfast? Think you're not enough of a square to measure it out in cups? Think again - these bowls have measuring lines molded into the ceramic.
Shaker bottle
Never be caught without a protein shake again. Surprise gym day? No sweat, you kept this bad boy in your backpack stocked with an emergency scoop of whey protein.
Measuring cups
Measuring cups are way more versatile than measuring bowls, but also way less cool. You probably have some of these already, but if not, you should definitely find some.
Make cooking less of a time sink by making leftovers. Bring them into work for lunch, eat them for dinner tomorrow. Eating out isn't necessarily unhealthy, but it's expensive and it complicates things.